KPBS Profiles Erase Poverty's San Diego Partner - Foundation for Women

We are proud to partner with San Diego-based Foundation for Women. They are making a difference for women, right here in San Diego! Meet one of their borrowers and hear the difference a small loan can make in the life of a woman. 

Click here to read the article or watch the short video that KPBS recently featured - "Fighting San Diego Poverty One Loan at a Time."

"Micro lending is a proven poverty fighter in the third world, and now the idea is gaining traction in San Diego... "What I realized is there were a lot of poor people that were almost invisible," said Foundation for Women Chief Operating Officer Judy Bee. "Wait a minute. San Diego has a lot of poor women here. Why aren't we doing something here?"She says a 2009 study by the Women's Foundation of California found 250,000 San Diego women live below the poverty line; 80,000 of those women live in dire poverty. That knowledge was enough to start a microlending program here and the program has already made about 500 loans. "

Read the full article or watch the short video