freqently asked questions:

corporate stuff

what is the mission of harmony marketing group? harmony marketing group seeks to build relationships of trust with organizations to strengthen their communications impact through integrated marketing communications. this is our passion and commitment.


my current designer doesn't know anything about marketing. what should i do? email us immediately! we'll send in a rescue team.

can you help me get rid of this flu? no! we are not doctors. please see your physician immediately.

project management

will i sign a contract? yes. after our initial meeting, we will do up a proposal based on your communication needs. we do not go over budget unless the project changes at your request, beyond the scope of the proposal. before beginning work, we request an advance payment of 1/3. additional advances may be required throughout the project, depending on the length of time required to complete the project.

how much time should i allow for a project? proper prior planning prevents problems pal. we live by this phrase.

how do i determine a budget? that depends on your industry but typically 4% of sales is a good figure.

what exactly is integrated marketing communications (imc)? the american association of advertising agencies recently spent months compiling the following definition: a concept of marketing communications planning that recognizes the added value of a comprehensive plan that evaluates the strategic roles of a variety of communications disciplines -- for example, general advertising, direct response, sales promotion and public relations - and combines these disciplines to provide clarity, consistency and maximum communications impact.

the marketing communications industry is growing. in north america, companies invest $141 billion per year into advertising alone. this does not include the growth of consulting services relating to marketing and marketing research. and with the advent of new communication vehicles such as the internet and multimedia, demand for marketing communications continues to grow.

harmony marketing takes this approach to marketing and can help you strengthen your communications impact. our expertise will help a company analyze its market through marketing research, build an effective marketing communications strategy to reach its market, implement the strategy by creating a variety of marketing communications tools that work together, and then determine the effectiveness of the strategy. we call it the abc's of effective communication -- analyze, build, create, determine.

i like your work. where do we go from here? email us and we'll find out what your needs are.

who should i involve in my company in the marketing communication process? all key decision makers who will influence the campaign should be included in the initial phases. the first several meetings set the direction for the entire campaign as goals and objectives are determined. if all the decision makers have agreed on the goals and objectives in the beginning, then the creative execution can be properly evaluated against them, rather than subjective, personal feelings. this avoids the expense of having to go back to the drawing board as the deadline is looming, all because we find out last minute from the ceo that a key objective has been missed.

do you work 24 hours a day? are you kidding? we love a challenge and have met seemingly impossible deadlines without charging overtime. i guess it depends if we like you or not! ;-)

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