Marriage & Family Counseling Services

121 Broadway Street, Suite 327 Downtown San Diego & Encinitas offices California US 92101 & 92024
Professional Services
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How We Are Helping

Are feeling stressed about your relationships or money worries? Therapy sessions can help overcome negative feelings and obstacles that keep you from feeling good or reaching personal or professional goals. I offer a compassionate, safe and respectful therapeutic relationship to help you resolve conflicts, personal issues and create POSITIVE changes in your life.

What We Do

Counseling services are offered for the following: ~Relationship Issues ~Money worries ~Life Transistions ~Mood shifts, Depression, Irritability ~Anger, Anxiety, Fear, Confused Thoughts ~ Alcohol and Drug Use ~Impulsive or Self-Destructive Behaviors • Traumatic Experiences • Life Changes, Divorce, Death

Why We Care

“Therapy can be about self discovery and learning to identify what YOU want by looking within and exploring your options. My heartfelt intention is that this experience be safe, transforming and empowering.”