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Information Technology
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How We Are Helping

For Erase Poverty business members: receive 500 dollars toward a technology consulting engagement with - the proceeds of the 500 dollars will be donated to Erase Poverty.

Who We Are

Nubifer is here to provide your business with a seamless bridge to SaaS, and subsequently transform your enterprise company's traditional business software applications into a more streamlined and cost-efficient technology platform.

What We Do provides mid to large size companies with scalable cloud hosted enterprise applications - SaaS (software as a service), PaaS (platform as a service), HRIS (human resource information systems), CRM (customer resource management) and data storage offerings. In addition, we provide our noted consulting support and cloud infrastructure consulting services.

Why We Care

Nubifer is proud to join the movement to erase extreme poverty for good by strengthening and funding small business locally and globally.